Sunday, 5 May 2019

The Inspiring Life after Death Quotes

Life is a precious Gift of God. Those who live it wisely get not afraid of Death. But the most important thing is to know the right path in life. Many people spend their life without knowing the purpose of life. Does everyone need to know what is real life? Life isn’t about running after luxury things. It has something different objects. Our life cycle revolves around the good job, luxury cars, lavish home, obedient kids, health, traveling, etc.
Sometimes life gives us some pain to kick in our mind to know me. What are you're life purpose? Life tells us on many occasions to know me before you end. No one came ever back after there death. Coward dies many times before their death. But Valiant don’t afraid of death and embrace it bravely.
But the real thing is to know what to come after death? Is it a permanent end or you will be a move to another world? Whether your body will expire after a few days of death? There are endless questions come into you're mind, but no one has a true answer. Think for a moment, how many people had come in this fake world and went down after a specific life span. There is myriads life after death quotes available on the internet world. But here I’ve collected some of best life after Death Quotes.

Friday, 26 April 2019

4 Things That Sabotage Your Motivation

Motivation is a vital part of productivity. When you are motivated, you work faster, work better, and stay happier for longer. Your own habits can affect how much motivation you have. Here are four common things that can rapidly ruin your motivation.

Lack of Confidence
One of the most common ways you can damage your motivation is by not believing that you can do it. Having a negative mindset can be destructive to your motivation and your work. If you are given a task at work and automatically assume that you are going to fail, you will end up avoiding starting the job for as long as possible. If you want to maintain your motivation, you need to be able to believe in yourself.

In this world of instant gratification, one of the main reasons people give up on things is because they don’t see the results fast enough. It is hard to keep putting the same amount of effort into something when the results are immediately evident. Motivation often falls to the wayside if the results of our efforts aren’t seen in a few weeks. To keep your motivation, you have to remember to be patient.

Learn the Meaning of No
When your to-do list is a mile long, it can be easy to feel unmotivated. You need to learn how to say no to things when you don't have the time or if you don't feel comfortable doing it. Being able to say no will allow you more time to focus on those projects that you feel confident about and able to complete. To maintain a sense of control over your life, it's okay to say no to things. Feeling in control will help you feel more motivated and confident in accomplishing your goals.

Easily Distracted
Someone emails you a link to a funny cat video and the next thing you know you've spent the last several hours surfing the web and looking for random cat photos. Distractions come in many forms, but most types are harmful to your motivation. Distractions more often than not happen when you're overwhelmed, bored, or disinterested in accomplishing your tasks. To avoid sabotaging your motivation, disconnect from the Internet, avoid answering emails and phone calls for a period. This should allow you the time to complete your tasks without disrupting your motivation. The power to stay motivated remains with you. By avoiding these frequent pitfalls, you can maintain your motivation and accomplish what you set out to do.

Public Speaking Tips

We all find or can find ourselves sometimes in a position of talking to a group of people. This talk may be short or long; it may be a five-minute talk to introduce a speaker to the audience, or a thirty-minute speech on an important business matter. Whatever the length of time spent on the speech, if you are asked to give a talk you must take it as a compliment.
If you have been requested to make a speech, it means that the man making the request and many others with him believe that you are a man of ideas and experience which will be of value to the listeners. But it may be that you do not feel confident to talk to the group as effectively as you would like to. The reason, as you know, is that a good speaker always prepares his speech before he comes to the rostrum. He also knows the method and technique of giving a talk well. Here are some of Public Speaking Tips.

Preparing you’re talk

There are people who can speak effectively before a group with not any initial preparation, but this can be true of only a few lucky ones and that too on occasions when they are speaking on topics of general interest only. Speaking before a group of knowledgeable businessmen requires methodical preparation of you’re speaking. It is a folly to go unprepared before a group of such people. It is, therefore, necessary first to;

Collect and organize Material

This is the most important step towards the preparation of a good effective speech. Books from a library can be of immense help. Magazines, Newspaper, internet; and journals will add to your information. An interview with a specialist can also give you facts you want to include in you're talking, but it will a good precaution not to include any information which is not authentic and not supported by an authoritative source.
Take some notes as well; jot them down on a note paper. You can begin preparing you're talking with the facts you already know. Later you can add personal observations or experience to explain and illustrate important points and facts

Make Outlines

You must rewrite your speech in outlines. It is very useful to work. You note, arranged according to main ideas and in order of, they’re relative importance are the material for preparing your outline. Make Outlines are such important thing before public speaking. 

Hold Interest

The success of you're talking will depend largely on how much you are able to hold the interest of the audience. You must have variety in you're talking. Anecdotes, personal experiences and relevant examples add greatly to the value of a speech.
If possible you talk should also have some kind of suspense. Difficult ideas should illustrate with the help of charts and graphs. When you prepare you're talking, consider how best you may hold an interest in the audience.

Do not Read, Converse with you’re Audience

We have all listened, at one time or other, to speakers who stand before they’re audience ignoring their hearer, not even looking at them but they’re eyes glued only to they’re notes. This cannot be called a talk. It does not communicate. Such a speech may well be delivered in an empty hall. A written talk is of value when you practice your presentation.
It will enable you to fix all important points in memory. Having memorized each idea, you can use only brief notes. Many good speakers use this method. They prefer speaking from brief notes or points, not from a fully written speech. They believe that their speech will not sound well if read from a written manuscript.

Practice Hard Before Public Speaking

The only way of acquiring the skill for delivering a natural speech is by practice. As you practice, if you find yourself speaking in an affected or unnatural manner, immediately check yourself. Imagine yourself standing before your audience. Talk loudly enough for all to hear you clearly. Make slow movements, and do not use hand gestures too many times. Practice talking in front of a large mirror.
Practice hard and continue until your words flow from you naturally from idea to idea, even without the aid of your brief notes. You have prepared you're talking and it is now time to deliver it. If you keep before you the following tips, they will help you make you talk sound natural, effective, and eloquent.

Control you’re voice volume

We all know how dissatisfied the audience feels when they cannot hear what the speaker says. You should never allow this to happen to you. The easiest way of avoiding it is to ask you’re hearers at the start of you’re talk if they can hear you clearly.

Look at your Listeners

The best way of making you’re listeners feel that you are not delivering a speech but actually talking and conversing with them is to look directly at them. Never make the mistake of gluing your eyes to you’re written manuscript. Look at the middle section of the audience, then at those to the right and the left. As you continue in this way, the listeners are sure to feel that you are talking to each of them.

Objectionable Mannerisms

You may not even know if you have any objectionable mannerisms. Seek the help of you’re friends. Ask them to watch you speaking and then report. If you clear you’re throat or wet your lips frequently during you’re speech. A speaker who has even one such annoying mannerism cannot talk effectively to his listeners.
This is especially true of beginners who toy with keys, pens, pencils or they’re notes because they are nervous. By doing so, they distract the attention of they’re listeners. Don’t carry small objects with you to the rostrum. Just concentrate on you’re message; you will do well if you have made good initial preparation. 

Observe you’re Audience

Observe the look of you’re listeners while public speaking. If you see, as you are delivering you're talking, that there faces have started becoming blank. this is the signal that they are being bored by you’re speaking and that you should try to boost there interest. You may tell them, at the right moment, an interesting anecdote or a short story which may also illustrate you’re the point.

The End

At the end of Public Speaking, you need to watch your last words. It is a sign of inexperience to hurry through the last words of you’re talking as if to get rid of them. Your speech must seem well founded at the end. It is a pity, indeed, to spoil a good, well-prepared talk by a careless finish. You must not rush through your final lines. Keep up the volume of your voice and good timing till the end.

Saturday, 30 March 2019

5 Tips to Boost Your Confidence

Having self-confidence will give you not only success in your endeavors but also respect from your peers, counterparts, subordinates, and superiors. When you have a lot of self-belief, you will enjoy lots of success in your personal and professional lives. When you fail in the target that you have set for yourself, it impacts your confidence to a great extent. It does take a lot of time to start getting a person in believing in him again after he has had a bad experience. Here are 5 simple but effective hacks that you can try to improve your self-confidence and self-belief.

1.       Personal grooming
One of the most simple but powerful tips to boost your confidence is to dress up well and be well-groomed, wherever you go. Wear smart formals to the office and ensures that your clothes are well-matched without a wrinkle on them. When you dress smartly, you automatically start to feel confident about yourself.

2.       Perfect your breathing
Life will give many opportunities to feel stressed, nervous and anxious. You should be careful that you never succumb to these pressures.  If you believe in your abilities, you won’t bow down to these nervous situations. All you need to do at this stage is to practice simple breathing exercises. When you feel bogged down, upset or nervous, take a break from your work and relax well through breathing in and your heart.

Calm down the palpitations that race from your heart and knock your eardrums down. Once you have calmed down, think about the situation and take appropriate decisions. When you are calm, you are more likely than before to take the right decisions. With more right decisions come more success, thereby improving your self-confidence to a large extent.

3.       Motivational pep-talks
When you feel a low phase, look into the mirror and give yourself a pep-talk. Remind yourself of your potential and few incidents from the past where you did a commendable job. Appreciate yourself for achieving your goals within the allocated timeline. List your strengths and tell yourself why you are the best man to do the job. These small, pep –talks go a long way in increasing your self-belief.

4.       Improve your body language
Start walking upright and always look into the eyes of the person/people you are speaking to. When you are addressing a gathering, spread your arms wide while speaking, as this will make you look confident and approachable at the same time. Work on your stage presence and have eye contact with all the people in the gathering, when you speak. You also need to sound bold and clear if you want to be audible to everyone hearing you.

5.       Move away from negativity
A very important tip to remain self-confident is to stay away from negativity. If your friends or colleagues keep doubting your beliefs and tell you not to push yourself too hard to achieve your objectives. Then you need to stay away from them. Like positivity, negativity to is contagious. Their negative vibes might dampen the energizing thoughts in your mind. Try to stay with those people who are creative, confident about their actions and always learning something new in their lives to become better people. 
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Friday, 6 October 2017

The Elephant Rope

The great thing about this story, it is so easy to digest. The story that I’m talking about is so powerful and inspirational that many of them really do get you thinking and even leaves you speechless at times.

A gentleman was walking through an elephant camp, and he saw an elephants weren’t being kept in cages or held by the use of chains.

All that was holding them back from escaping the camp, was a small piece of rope tied to one of their legs.

As the man gazed upon the elephants, he was completely confused as to why the elephants didn’t just use their strength to break the rope and escape the camp.

They could easily have done so, but instead they didn’t try to at all.  He was so curious and wanting to know the answer, he asked a trainer nearby why the elephants were just standing there and never tried to escape.

The Trainer Replied;


The only reason that the elephants weren’t breaking free and escaping from the camp was because over time they were adopted the belief that it just wasn’t possible.

Moral of the story:

No matter how much the world tries to hold you back, always continue with the belief that what you want to achieve is possible. Believing you can become successful is the most important step in actually achieving it.

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Wonderful Parents

My parents are very talkative and I do believe that most parents are also the same. Since I was a kid, I never really listen to what they are saying. I ignored their advice and I end up in that position where I desperately need help in fixing my life.
When I cried at that time and I decided to talk with my mother. She told me about her past. Her childhood behavior was same to like me. Until she was a teenager, until she got older and marry my father, she never felt any regrets of what she has done to her parents. When I was two, my grandmother died followed by my grandfather death when I was only six years old.
However, now I’m 15, exactly one year since I started to change to become a better person. I remembered when my mother told me that she regrets everything that she has done to her parents. One thing that stuck on my mind until now was this sentence my mother said, “if I could turn back time or sacrifice any of my organs to let my parents live for just one second so that I can apologize for what I’ve done to them, I would do it. It touched my heart.
Therefore, from her experience, I realized that what I was done wasn’t right. My parents have sacrificed their time to take care of me and they love me more than anyone in the world. Once my dearest friend or even cousins left me, there are the ones who are always there for me. I said to myself that I will one day become the person that they want me to be.
If your parents are still alive, be thankful and take care of them. Don’t let them go without the successful feeling that they’ve done enough for you. Your parents should be your ideal and following on their path leads to you immortal success. Source: Charismatic Planet